Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip

A Novel

Book - 2004
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Reminds me of Elmore Leonard, and Donald Westlake.

Feb 23, 2019

Everything by Hiaasen is terrific. One of my favorite authors.

May 28, 2015

Kooky characters are the draw for me in HIassen's books. Skink, a former governor of Florida, takes his passion and independence to great lengths to protect the Florida everglades, people in danger, etc. oops, wrong book, not sure if Skink is in this one. The stories are so multi-leveled, interesting and tingling with adventrue.

bookfanatic1979 May 07, 2014

This is my first Hiaasen novel, and his love for the Everglades comes across loud and clear. I’ve read other authors who turn their books into poorly disguised mouthpieces for their pet issues. Luckily Hiaasen isn’t nearly that obvious. Hiassen’s style is subtle but satisfying. Chaz’s ultimate fate isn’t perhaps as cut-and-dried as some would like, but I enjoyed the ambiguity. I’ll have to see what else he’s written. I like the man’s style.

Jan 09, 2014

My second Carl Hiaasen novel and I enjoyed it. These would be great books to take to the beach.

booklady1 Jan 19, 2013

good read! really funny!

Donnalee Smith May 29, 2012

This book is a fun, summer read. It opens with a woman falling off the back of a cruise ship, after her husband pushed her in. She survives, and she now has a mystery to unravel. I enjoyed the humour in the book, but the humour is a bit dark and twisted and may not be to everyone's taste. I loved the Florida setting, and the environmental concerns added some weight to this amusing mystery.

andimal Jan 23, 2012

Not his best, but a good read nonetheless.

Sep 09, 2011

An amusing book to be sure. There was romance in this book, but it was very low-key, the main plot being revenge.

Since this is a light book, I didn't expect much character growth, but there is - surprisingly - a couple. Behind the humor and the satire, there is definitely a push for environmental awareness, which I think is fantastic. I mean, if you're dead, how are you going to spend all of that cash?

This is certainly a laugh-out-loud book, from beginning to end. I highly recommend it.

Aug 18, 2011

Great summer read. Funny premise of a husband tossing his wife over board on a cruise ship. How can you not read on and see what happens???

Jul 28, 2010

fun revenge. Joey Perrone, who takes revenge on her cheating husband after he has tried to murder her.

Nov 08, 2007

I love his writing style

Nov 01, 2007

From the first splash to the last mosquito slap, Carl Hiaasen once again takes readers on a romping tale of inept bad guys, soul-less businessmen, women in distress and other quirky characters that leave you shaking your head and asking, "Where does he find these people?" How can one not like finishing a Hiaasen book? A great read.

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