The Princess and the Pony

The Princess and the Pony

Book - 2015
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DBRL_JessicaM Sep 23, 2019

It's Princess Pinecone's birthday, and, as a warrior princess, she wants a fast and strong horse to be her noble steed. However, she is gifted the cutest of all ponies. It does not meet her warrior standards, but she tries to accept the pony. She takes him to battle. There, the other warriors are stopped by how cute he is and show that all warriors have a cuddly side.

ArapahoeSarahD Dec 17, 2018

LOOK AT THAT PONNYYYYY!!!!! (I laughed out loud while reading this book)

Hillsboro_ArynO Oct 27, 2018

Funny, diverse, and with a great message. (with bonus round adorable pony!) What more can you want out of a picture book? Princess Pinecone shows us that there's more than one way to be a warrior.

Mar 10, 2018

Princess Pinecone and her very round pony show us that there are so many ways to excel in life, even if it's not the way we expect. Also, hilarious.

LiztheLibrarian Feb 12, 2018

Princess Pinecone wants a Warriors horse, but gets a adorable pony instead...hilarity ensues.

Apr 15, 2017

Wonderfully diverse cast of characters, with Kate Beaton's unique sense of humor front and center.

ArapahoeJennieB Dec 26, 2016

A picture book with a fierce warrior princess who wishes for an equally fierce warrior horse. Instead she receives a cute little pony, and is disappointed. The pony, however, turns out to be more helpful than the princess ever imagined. Features a strong female character, and a diverse cast of characters.

ArapahoeKati Sep 29, 2016

One of my favorite picture books of 2015!

forbesrachel Oct 27, 2015

Princess Pinecone is short and cute, not exactly warrior material, and that is how others treat her. Ignoring her warriors spirit, they give her sweaters instead of shields. Finally she's had enough, she's determined to make sure her parents give her one great gift. Instead of a horse she gets...a stubby, farting pony. Princess Pinecone dislikes being judged by her physical characteristics, but she herself makes the same mistake, judging her roly-poly pony by her expectations. When the day of the great battle arrives, this young girl is in for a surprise, those big, burly warriors love her cute, cuddly pony. They too, are not what they appear to be. Kate Beaton's exaggerated art is quite amusing. Big eyes define cute characters and those overwhelmed by the cuteness, and the warriors do some wacky things. The story is perfectly paced, and each unexpected turn only adds to the reader's delight. Kate Beaton has created an honest and one-of-a-kind picture book that speaks to expectations, body types, and judging others not by their cover, but by what's inside. Princess don't have to be tall and elegant, warriors can come in all packages, and even a roly-poly pony can even win battles, just in its own way.

Oct 02, 2015

This book has the word "fart" in it twice.

Sep 21, 2015

This is an awesome book for every child. It is funny, tender, empowering and pretty perfect in my opinion. I want to purchase for everyone! I look forward to more books by Kate Beaton! She rocks!

ChristchurchLib Aug 24, 2015

In her first picture book, award-winning comics artist Kate Beaton introduces pint-sized warrior princess Pinecone, who longs for a mighty steed…but is given a stubby-legged, bug-eyed pony instead. Despite her disappointment -- and the fact that the roly-poly creature isn't good at much besides falling over -- Pinecone brings her pony to the next warrior melee, where it gives her an unexpected advantage. With perfectly-pitched silliness, an upbeat message, and sly visual references to history and pop culture, The Princess and the Pony is a "hip, modern, and absolutely refreshing" tale for readers of all ages.

Picture books newsletter August 2015

GSPLmandy Aug 22, 2015

This is a wonderful little story about a warrior princess and her adorable unfortunate pony; very funny and very endearing.

SO GOOD. These illustrations are so quirky and fun and you'll be laughing out loud whether you're a child or an adult.

teenbrarian Jul 08, 2015

My favourite picture book of 2015!

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