The Enchantment Emporium

The Enchantment Emporium

Book - 2009/06/02
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Moving to Calgary to take over her late grandmother's junk shop, charm-caster Alysha Gale learns that she will be serving the fey community, which proves to be deeply troubled with problems that may be more than Alysha's family can solve.
Publisher: New York : Daw Books, 2009/06/02
ISBN: 9780756405557
Branch Call Number: SF HUFF
Characteristics: 361 p. ; 24 cm


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BiblioVPL Feb 12, 2015

Urban fantasy with a matriarchal clan of "aunties", set in Canada. Who knew there were so many magical creatures and people living in Calgary?

WVMLStaffPicks Sep 17, 2014

This modern fantasy novel set in Calgary is an excellent weekend read. Alysha Gale inherits a junk shop and finds herself in the midst of a dragon incursion; with the help of friends and relatives she finds love and saves the day. If you are interested in fantasy novels, this book is filled with enough dragons, magic, adventure, and excellent dialogue to keep you from putting the book down.

Nov 22, 2013

Quirky and fun! The cover does it no justice! The characters are amazing, the plot is exciting, and the nerd references are great!

Oct 14, 2013

This book is supposed to be set in the same world as The Keeper Chronicles, but it didn't read like it. I have read the Keeper Chronicles many times and understand the magic and hierarchy within those stories. That being said, I could not decipher what was happening in this book. She doesn't explain anything, the way she does in her other books. It felt like a story in the middle of a long series and therefore was lacking in basic information. Plus, the insinuations of incest, regardless of the cousins being 2nd or 3rd, was a big turn off, especially when close relatives, i.e. sisters, aunts and mothers, have to stay away from the males or they are drawn to them for mating. I couldn't understand this story, nor could I struggle beyond the first few chapters. This was a great let-down.

paulajohanson Jul 07, 2013

This book hit the target for me. I like urban fantasy, so the details of Calgary were as sensible as the descriptions of forests or markets in sword&sorcery fantasy. I like fantasy with magic that can do some things but not everything, so the magical element worked for me. I like cooking and baking, so it made sense for me that there were scenes of people preparing food for all the people sitting round the tables. I enjoy making music and walking in forests, so the character Charlie was sensible to me. It was good to have variations among the sexual orientations of characters, and clear references to intimacy without any rape or pornography. Another reader in the comments here complains about cousins having sex, but these are second and third cousins, not first cousins -- no grandparents in common, only a great-grandparent or two. It would be legal for them to marry, and their extended family does not permit incest. This book caught my attention in the first glance and kept it till the end.

JCLDianeH Jun 13, 2013

The Gale family is….unusual. Charms and magic are a part of their everyday lives. The older they get, the more powerful they become; and they like to keep that power within the family.
When Alysha Gale inherits her grandmother’s junk shop in Calgary (in the Alberta province of Canada) her Aunties send her there to find out what happened to her Grandmother. What she finds is trouble, coming soon, extremely dangerous.
I liked the plot and the characters, but my favorite part of the book is the humorous and witty dialogue. I found myself laughing out loud while reading.

I could not get into this book. The writing seemed disjointed to me. I really enjoyed the Keeper series and do intend to try her other series, but this one just wasn't for me.

Jul 25, 2011

While I did enjoy it, I am somewhat let down by this book. There were some aspects of it I really, really liked, but other things bothered me a lot.
What I liked was the overall quirkiness of the story, the eccentric and likeable characters, and the fact that there is much less violence than there usually is in what is now categorized as Urban Fantasy. Only one characters dies, a very evil one, and even the description of his death is not graphic. The same goes for the sex, and there is a lot of it in the book, but it's insinuated rather than described in detail. At the same time all the insinuation in this book is what made me enjoy it less. So many things are only suggested and not described at all, for example the leading character is from a large matriarchal family of witches, but the word “witch” is never actually used. It is suggested they can draw charms, do spells, only good ones, but there is little explanation in regards to their magic. For me to get into a fantasy story it is necessary to have some kind of explanation, but there is none in this book. Another thing that is suggested is that the young ones in the family get together at rituals and have sex until the women “chose “ the one they want to marry. What I found a bit creepy was that the sex that takes place is between cousins. I often found the writing to be confusing. There are too many characters. I felt like I was reading the second or third book of a series where it is already assumed you know about the universe in which the story takes place.
Nevertheless I probably will still read the second book in this series when it comes out.

Mar 27, 2011

Fun, but not outstanding.
Enchantment Emporium follows the Gale family – with magic powers – as one of the many young women moves to Calgary.
There is so much detail it feels as though this is the second or third book… at times it felt like it was trying too hard with world-building. But it’s enjoyable still. Dragons, spells, sorcerors. It was fun, but on the silly side too.
I may have missed something leading up to the end. I was left thinking ‘Huh? The who what then? ’… The main characters line up fine, but the minor details puzzled me, especially when pointing to a major event or conspiracy. How and why, I am not sure.
Oh, hey, what was the justification for the title? Perhaps it’s the store that our heroine inherits, but it was still a stretch.

Mar 04, 2011

Borrowed Jul, 09, 2009

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Sep 12, 2018

Page 312 ‘she’s the cats mother’
It is just what people traditionally say to rebuke someone for saying 'she' when they should have used the person's name.

Pg. 335 “It’s still stupid o’clock in the morning.”

May 10, 2012

The shadows had dogged her footsteps for the rest of the trip, and all the clichéd lurking had pissed her right off.

May 10, 2012

“A leprechaun?” She hadn’t expected that; given how many Newfoundlanders were working the Alberta oilfields, she’d assumed his accent was east coast. “Aren’t you a little tall for a leprechaun?”

May 10, 2012

It was one thing to know that dragons were big, in the same sort of way space was big, secure in the knowledge it was unlikely the entirety of either would ever have to be faced, and it was another thing entirely to stand and watch a dragon drop out of the night sky. Around fifteen meters from branching horns to the tip of a lashing tail, this particular dragon was ebony and gold, iridescent and beautiful in the way of very, very dangerous things where admiration and terror became easy reactions to confuse.

May 10, 2012

“I am a dangerous enemy, Ms. Gale.”
“Interestingly enough, you’re a dangerous friend too.”

Nov 13, 2010

p. 55

"Honestly, Michael, who needs that much variations?"
"Apparently, your grandmother." He couldn't stop snickering. "Anything look interesting?"
"I don't care if one of them looks like yours, I'm not even considering the word interesting as a reaction to a drawer full of my grandmother's Toys. What am I supposed to do with them? Shut up," she snapped as the snickering turned into a shout of laughter. "I mean, I can't just throw them out. What if the bag breaks open and everyone knows where they came from?"


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BiblioVPL Feb 12, 2015

Sexual Content: some may find the casual mention of multiple partners uncomfortable. some may find the role of the men in the family a bit limited.

May 10, 2012

Sexual Content: The fact that this big, magical family keeps the magic in the family by sometimes having cousins marry, or just have sex with, cousins is a bit icky, but for all that the sex is not explicit.

May 10, 2012

Coarse Language: There's a fair amount of swearing.

Nov 13, 2010

Sexual Content: Just some, and not, by any means, flagrant. But there is some. And the Aunties want to ensure generations of little Gales continue, so there is some push on that end. Actually, the whole book seems to weave around procreation, now that I think about it. And lets just say that couples don't seem to the be norm. And the older generations are still active.


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BiblioVPL Feb 12, 2015

BiblioVPL thinks this title is suitable for 12 years and over


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