One Piece
One Piece The Black Cat Pirates. Vol. 4 By Oda, Eiichiro Graphic Novel - 2004

Merry- That's a gift for you from Miss Kaya. Tomorrow it will be exactly three years since you came to this estate. An anniversary, of sorts.
Klahadore- ...Anniversary, eh?
Merry- Your glasses are always slipping... so Miss Kaya had these specially made for you. She's such a generous, thoughtful person.
Klahadore- Yes, she is... Tomorrow will be a special day indeed.
Merry- Huh?
Klahadore- There's a crescent moon out tonight... Nights like this do something to me. They bring out the beast in me.
Merry- NO! K-Klahadore!? Why did you destroy Miss Kaya's gift!?!
Klahadore- Oh, I'll accept a gift from her... But not some paltry trinket. I'd prefer her entire estate!!

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