Leaving Cold Sassy
Leaving Cold Sassy The Unfinished Sequel to Cold Sassy Tree By Burns, Olive Ann Book - 1992

This is the sequel from Olive Ann Burns in the Cold Sassy series. Leaving Cold Sassy if the unfinished book due to the death of the author after the return of her lymphoma. It feels unfinished and does not have the same spirit or depth of characterization as the initial book. Will Tweedy has grown up, finished college, and is now entering the second phase of his life spotting a wife and staring a career. You will enjoy reading about his new adventures and all of the news of the family and friends of Cold Sassy but miss some of the spark of the first novel. 15 Chapters were drafted and laid out prior to her death. Enjoy the comfort of the home town and family but your will miss some of the humor and detail we found in the first book

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