Recently I have decided to focus on books about lost manuscripts and antique books, so this story was read just after "A Bookman's Tale" and "The School of Night." Well, it is certainly a good novel: interesting and twist-full plot, funny characters, fast pace, some psychological insights, and to top it all a Shakespeare lost play written by the Bard himself!
You are kept guessing - well, more or less - until the end and there is also a welcome happy ending for most of the characters.
I liked the story line, especially the Bracegirdle letters - that lead to the discovery of the play - because they were overall believable and, above all, because I do wish there were some info about Shakespeare and his life, to shut up the Oxfordians if nothing else.
In conclusion, if you decide to read this book, be ready for a narrative on two levels (first and third person), lots of humor, some unusual family history, lots of gangsters, a love story, and a grand finale. I am not saying anything else, because to do so would be a spoiler.

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