The Job
The Job A Fox and O'Hare Novel By Evanovich, Janet Book - 2014

The FBI has agent Kate O'Hare babysitting international con man Nick Fox to make sure he stays on the right side of the law as he puts his elite skills to work for the government, incognito of course, as part of his bargain to stay out of prison. After being accused of slipping back into his old ways, Nick and Kate find his "double" who points them to one of the most elusive cons of all time. Together, Nick and Kate travel the globe working hand in hand to capture this man who has altered his appearance so much that no one knows what he now looks like, having killed the very surgeons who performed the surgeries. A great supporting cast, always ready for a new thrill and a nice payout, returns to aid Nick and Kate in the adventure of a lifetime.

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