Gypsy Streaming Video - 2014

In my opinion, this 1962 film, based on the 1957 book "Gypsy: A Memoir", written by Gypsy Rose Lee, herself, would have faired so much better had it been presented as a straight drama. I certainly found that both the musical numbers and the frequent lapses into comedy really weakened the overall punch that this film could've produced had these unnecessary elements not dominated a good part of the story._____ I also thought that Rosalind Russell's scenery-chewing character, Rose Hovick, the ultimate, overbearing stage-mother-from-hell (who tyrannized the entire story) was given way-way too much attention and screen-time for my liking._____ Yes. I fully understand that this film was clearly a product of early-1960s movie-making and that strict censorhip was still in full swing back then - But, with that said, I really thought that it was completely laughable that Gypsy Rose Lee's meteoric rise to becoming a burlesque queen was depicted as though just a sly wink, a sexy wiggle and the revealing of a naked shoulder (and nothing else) was all that was required of her to achieve this special status of "striptease" royalty._____ All-in-all - I would never recommend this film to anyone.

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