Gypsy Streaming Video - 2014

For starters - I found that "Gypsy's" 143-minute running time to be almost unendurable to sit through. If a good 30 minutes had been carefully edited from this production, then I think that Gypsy would've been so much easier to enjoy.

This movie just went on and on and on. (Ho-hum!) And its story just seemed to be going around and around in a vicious circle that, in the long run, ended up going absolutely nowhere at all.

Another serious problem with "Gypsy" was the miscasting of Natalie Wood as the title character. From my point of view, Wood (though undeniably attractive) just didn't seem to possess the crucial dramatic resources to draw upon for this very demanding part. Wood simply played her part sweet & simple and this inevitably reduced her "Gypsy" to being nothing but an unambitious square - In other words, she was an accidental success.

Even though "Gypsy" was obviously a big-budget production that might have worked its intended magic as a stage play, but on screen it was a truly disappointing let-down that certainly left a helluva lot to be desired.

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