There is not a whole lot of life in Proof of Life. J. A. Jance has been one of my favorite writers for many years. I've read books in all three of her series and her non-series books as well. Beau (J.P. Beaumont) has always been my favorite character. I still like him, but in this book he, and all the other characters, seem to be sleep-walking.

Not much of anything happens for a very long time-at least 100 pages in. Just lots of trips between Seattle and Bellingham. When bodies finally start piling up, the solutions to their murders are all too easily accomplished. Very little suspense or tension here.

Jance seems to have become obsessed with doggy-doo. I really don't need to know the details of Beau cleaning up after a dog. I've never liked the way Jance enjoys playing around with names: Harry I (for Ignatius) Ball. The S.H.I.* Squad and so forth. She may think it's clever and cute, I don't.

My advice is, skip over this book. There are better books out there, including Jance's other ones. Despite that, I'll at least give the next one a try.

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