We buy LOTS of Minecraft related fiction at the library, most of it for kids and tweens. It can be hard to weed through all the titles and find the hidden gems. This is definitely one to pluck out of the piles and read.

SFE R. Monster, Sarah Graley, John J. Hill and Stef Purenins all worked on this book and their combined creativity makes this Minecraft title stand out from the crowd. You have probably seen their art online and in other comics.

Spoiler Alert -- This is also a great story for celebrating and showcasing diversity as two members of the friend group are queer or bi young women who begin a romantic relationship near the end of the book. We are seeing more of this type of story for children and tweens, where the character's unique traits are not the center of the story, but rather as broad brush strokes that make the story come alive and feel real. Or, in short, gay kids can also be Minecraft geeks.

This book is geared more towards older kids and tweens but my 9 year old loved it. I read it to him but he could have easily read it himself.

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